Interim Federal Health Program

IFHP Program:      IFHP Outline of Services – What does the IFHP cover?

Coverage through the IFHP includes:

Basic coverage (similar to health-care coverage provided by provincial/territorial health insurance plans)

  • in-patient and out-patient hospital services
  • services provided by medical doctors, registered nurses and other health-care professionals licensed in Canada, including pre- and post-natal care
  • laboratory, diagnostic and ambulance services

For more details, please consult the IFHP Benefit Grid – Basic Coverage

Supplemental coverage (similar to the coverage provided to social assistance recipients by provincial and territorial governments)

  • limited dental and vision care
  • home care and long-term care
  • services provided by allied health-care practitioners including clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, speech language therapists, physiotherapists
  • assistive devices, medical supplies and equipment, including:
    • orthopedic and prosthetic equipment
    • mobility aids
    • hearing aids
    • diabetic supplies
    • incontinence supplies
    • oxygen equipment

For more details, please consult the IFHP Benefit Grid – Supplemental Coverage and the IFHP Dental Benefit Grid.

Prescription drug coverage

  • most prescription medications and other products listed on provincial/territorial public drug plan formularies. Please note that certain products are excluded under the IFHP.

For more details, please consult the IFHP Benefit Grid – Prescription Drug Coverage.

Coverage for the Immigration Medical Exam (IME)

  • for most categories of beneficiaries, the IFHP also covers the cost of one IME and IME-related diagnostic tests required under the Immigration Refugee Protection Act

For more details, please consult the IFHP Benefit Grid – IME and IME Tests.

The benefits covered by the Interim Federal Health Program are subject to certain limits and prescribed maximum dollar amounts as outlined in the IFHP benefit grids.

The IFHP does not cover the cost of health-care services or products that a person may claim (even in part) under a public or private health insurance plan. The IFHP does not coordinate benefits with other insurance plans/programs so co-payments aren’t possible.